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Do you know how to use the stranding machine?
2018-04-08 13:30:33

Stranding machine operation use

1. Place the reel to be stranded. The reel must be placed inside the bow frame and in the rear reel stand. After drawing out the core on the inner reel of the payoff frame, it is led out through the central hole of the input shaft to the arched wire, and then is guided to the inner twisted wheel of the wire shaft by the smooth wheel on the arched wire and is led out through the wire hole.

2. The reel placed on the support frame, the lead-out line passes through the reel.

3. Two wire cores shall be connected to the meter wheel after the heads are tangled and then lead to the take-up reel after two weeks of rewinding on the traction wheel and the meter wheel.

4. Start the motor to run and twist the wire core at the same time. According to the requirements of the twisting pitch, the pitch wheel should be replaced to meet the requirements of the twisting pitch. The machine is a stranding device in which a single wire core is wound around another wire core, that is, the twisted wire makes the twisted wire become a roll. The number of rolled rice is counted by the mechanical meter. According to the production needs of the user, the length of each wire is customized by the user.

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