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Drawing machine winding application case?
2018-04-08 13:34:33

The most frequently used frequency conversion control system for wire drawing machines is the double frequency conversion system. One of the water tank wire drawing machines is used as the main pull, and the other is used for the take-up control. Since the wire diameter changes during the process of drawing, the linear velocity also changes. The volume of wires passing through the drawing die at each stage is constant, so that the basic frequencies at various levels can be calculated.Drawing machine is mainly used for drawing copper wire. Its main electric drive part consists of drafting motor, cable motor and take-up motor. The other auxiliary parts of the equipment include a pendulum bar (tension frame), positioning wheel, sub-line wheel, and reciprocating cable bar. The drafting motor drives the extension pulley to run, and the multi-level extension pulley is linked by a belt to realize metal stretching, and the take-up motor realizes winding. For most domestic metal processing companies that use wire drawing machines, domestically produced branded wire drawing machinery products can already be accepted as substitutes for foreign high-end products. There are two main reasons why wire drawing machines are mainly used for foreign drives: The domestic drive technology is After a period of time lagging behind foreign inverters, there is a certain gap between the simplicity and stability of the hardware platform; foreign wire drawing machinery and equipment manufacturers are more inclined to support foreign inverters and PLCs. However, with the continuous development of domestic products, for a variety of different wire drawing machines, it is possible to achieve a relatively simple and convenient wire drawing machine control.

JEVA309A has an automatic disk change control logic, which greatly simplifies the control without changing the disk. The abundant terminal control function makes it easy to switch between rewinding, speed and tension. With this feature, it is very easy to change disks without stopping the rotation, which greatly improves work efficiency. Fast response: Regardless of empty, half, full, startup, acceleration, and shutdown lines, the process is smooth and shock-free. The tension is always constant at low, medium and high speeds.

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