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Professional analysis of the characteristics and scope of the spool
2018-04-08 11:24:07

The role of the caster is similar to that of the kite wheel, except that the kite wheel is used to wind the kite string and the caster wheel is used to wrap the wire or wire rope. Many times, when the underground lines are being repaired, relatively large spools of metal are used, and it is believed that everyone has an impression. If you are not quite acquainted, then this article will definitely give you something to gain.


First understand the material of the caster. The material of the caster is determined according to the material it is wrapped in. If he is trying to wrap a harder wire, then it must also be made of a particularly hard and strong material, usually steel. Production; if it is used to wrap relatively thin steel wire, you can use relatively less rigid materials, such as plastic or wood-shaped wheels, which not only reduces costs, but also does not require much effort. Because steel is certainly heavier than plastic and wood.

Secondly, let's look at the product characteristics of the caster: The biggest feature of the caster made of steel is that it is strong, very strong, and very smooth. There is also a caster made of plastic. The caster is made of professional plastic and has a simple structure, but the balance is particularly good and the scope of use is particularly wide.

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